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it roCkS!bikes

Based at Oporto - Portugal, both engineers and addicted to motorcycles, we build bikes under the “it roCkS!bikes” brand, since the beginning of 2013.

All design work is prepared directly by us, in detail, and we surround ourselves with an exceptional technical team in specialized areas.

Our concepts, normally, have clean, simple and elegant lines, with focus on handling.

The Concept

Addicted to bikes and cafe racer culture, we create exclusive bikes, matching the classic style of cafe racers of the 70s with the dynamic and handling of actual sports bikes.

The combination of the tank, seat and tail running in one piece, built in metal, combined with the accuracy of finishing and precision in assembly are our trademarks.

All our bikes are unique and absolutely unrepeatable design, not being produced two identical bikes. The only similarity is perhaps the style that preferentially promotes the café racer culture.

We invest in a strong image, breaking the barriers of classic café racer style for the daring and aesthetic provocation, evident in the design of our "custom bikes".

Alexandre Santos

Osvaldo Coutinho

Some of Our Builds

CS_06 Dissident

Yamaha XJR1300 (2015)


Gravedigger SE Classic #2

Honda CB750


Gravedigger SE Classic #1

Honda CB750


CS_05 Zen

Yamaha SR400


CS_04 Stealth

Yamaha XJR1300


CS_03 Bliss

Triumph Bonneville (work in progress)


CS_02 Sunburn

Yamaha XJR1200


CS_01 Gravedigger

Honda CB750


Latest News

YAMAHA Yard Built

YAMAHA XJR1300 - CS_06 Dissident

For the Yard Built project, our goal was to produce a complete “plug and play” kit for the 2015 XJR1300, without having to cut or weld frame parts.

It fits our characteristic “monocoque” (tank, seat and tail) handcrafted from metal sheet, and our design guidelines give the bike a clean, slim and sportier look, with a small tip of retro feeling.

The riding experience was also improved by a new set of oversized brakes and suspensions.

Finally, since the XJR model celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015, it incorporates several evocative details alluding to that milestone, including a reinterpretation of the classic color scheme used by Yamaha in the 70-80´s with white, black and gold colors.

As of now, we can provide this bike for everyone who asks us, or as a kit, for any 2015 XJR customer.
These last ones can choose between one (or all) of the 3 packs of parts, as listed below, to fit the stock bike.

For prices and delivery dates, please inquiry us by e-mail.

''Look'' Pack

Integrated seat and gas tank, forming a mo...

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''Detail'' Pack

Tubeless Kineo wheels (3,5 x 17” front a...

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''Performance'' Pack

Complete ISR braking system, including mas...

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